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The advancement of technology has reaped many benefits but it has picked some thorns on its way. Decrease of communal health is one of the cons of technology. To solve this issue, public health field has been sprouted up. Public health solves health and social issues of communities. It is a competitive and rapidly growing field. Those who have earned a bachelors’ degree and want to do specialization in public health should opt for a master’s degree. One can easily study as well as continue their job by getting registered in online schools. Students can attend classes at any place where a computer and internet connection is present. One can easily cram their classes in between their rigid schedule.

It is a one year full time or a two year part time degree program. The curriculum comprises of core subjects like international public health policy, Research methods, principle of epidemiology, data analysis, working with communities, disease and security etc. Students get full acquainted with all the aspects of public health enabling them to contribute in society. They are given advanced and in depth knowledge regarding control of infectious diseases, reduction of environmental hazards such as violence, abuse and disabilities.

After earning an online masters degree in public health, one can work as Biostatistician, epidemiologist, international health specialist, health care administrator, nutritionist, public health practitioner, health educator and bio medical scientist. There are many opportunities provided, one is skilled and knowledgeable. Get registered in any of the accredited online schools and earn a master’s degree in public health. Become a rising star by making others healthy and happy.

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Liberty University

Master of Public Health Global Health

Campus Locations: Online


The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Master of Public Health

Campus Locations: Online


George Washington University

Master of Public Health

Campus Locations: Online


Everglades University

Master's Degree in Public Health Administration

Campus Locations: Online


The University of Liverpool

Master of Public Health
Master of Public Health (Management of Health Systems)
Master of Public Health (International Public Health)

Campus Locations: Online


Norwich University - Online

Master of Public Administration

Campus Locations: Northfield


University of Southern California

Master of Public Health
Master of Public Administration

Campus Locations: Los Angeles


Kent State University

Master of Public Administration (MPA)

Campus Locations: Kent


DeVry University

Master's-Public Administration

Campus Locations: Manassas


American InterContinental University Online

Master's - Healthcare Management

Campus Locations: Online


New England College - Online

MS in Management/Healthcare Administration

Campus Locations: Online


Maryville University

Online Master of Science in Nursing-Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (ACNP)

Campus Locations: Online

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