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Duties of Public Health Worker

With the advancements of technology, health has suffered a setback. No doubt technology has its own benefits but then it has made us either lazy or robotic. Health is no more at the forefront but it is at the foremost corner of our mind. HIV/AIDS, chronic disease, cancers and other perilous diseases are all spreading fast. People are indulging in unhealthy activities that are decreasing the average life span. The blame does not entirely lie on technology some is due to our own ignorance as well. Rural population is deprived from medical help and adequate care. Now who is going to solve the overall health issues of a community?

This is where public health workers come in. Public health is a rewarding and altruistic career. Public health workers perform noble and self sacrificing deeds to bring a greater good in society. They have many duties towards society. Below are some duties of a public health worker.

• Gather data on the client’s social, emotional and medical needs; discover family assets and resources and make effective strategies to utilize them.
• Explore community resources, develop and monitor plan to get full utilization of these resources.
• Provides emotional, financial and physical support to improve the health standards of a community.
• Educate people on preventive and safety techniques in a society.
• At regular interval, does detailed survey to upgrade the existing health program of a community.
• Appoint efficient public health nurses for high risk clients.
• Investigate and sort out child abuse and child labor issues in the population.
• Lecture people in groups to defeat physiology issues of dependency and disease fright enabling them to get adjusted in life.
• Carry vaccination campaigns in society to minimize disease and disability.
• Manage and organize other workers to give quality service to clients.
• Improve sanitation and water supply in the public.
• Cleans and help develops a green environment.
• Helps in physical and emotional development of a child by educating parents in these issues.
• Raise funds for the poor, needy, handicap and under privileged people to get their due share in health facilities.
• Gives counseling to mentally disturbed people of the population and aids in rehabilitation.
• Prepare people on steps to survive natural disasters and calamities.

Public health worker have an angelic nature of work provided that they do it honestly. Their duties may vary from place to place but the main notion is to provide people with facilitates that improve their health and prevent disease outbreaks at local, state and federal level.

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